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Incon Customer Return and Cancellation Policy

Reschedule Orders

Pull-in Requests: Incon will make every attempt to deliver product earlier than the original acknowledged delivery date but will not be held liable in any manner for missed promise dates.

Push-out Requests: Should the Customer not take delivery of product more than one month after the acknowledged delivery date, Customer agrees to a Restocking Fee or Inventory Carrying Charge. Fees will be determined at the time of the request.


Depending on Incon's assessment of the WIP stage of the order and reusability of components and/or the Finished Good, at Incon's discretion, orders may be cancelled. Depending on these factors, the Customer agrees to a cancellation charge. This will be determined at the time of the request.


After Incon's verification and concurrence of a manufacturing or packaging defect attributable to Incon, Customer may request to return parts. Incon's Quality Department should be contacted for authorization and provided an RMA number. No returns will be allowed without a proper RMA number.

For return requests that have not been verified as a defect attributable to Incon, no RMA will be provided and Customer agrees to a restocking fee for returned product.